SharePoint Server

SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 Audit Log Trimming

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  In this blog we see how to trim the SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 audit logs. We need to trim logs when storage is full, this is due to we didn’t implement a proper trimming of Audit logs, you can use below PowerShell command to delete them: $site = Get-SPSite $date = Get-Date “04/10/2017” $site.Audit.DeleteEntries($date) You need […]

Office 365

How to Migrate from Mdaemon to office 365

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  In this blog we see how to migrate from Mdaemon to office 365 by using outlook export import PST. You don’t need third party migration software. Is your MDaemon server includes the Exchange Activesync feature, and you’re allowing incoming Activesync connections from the Internet. Simply you can use Office 365’s built-in Exchange Migration method. […]

Exchange Server

Exchange Migration Error: MigrationTransientException: MapiExceptionMdbOffline

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  Make sure these mailboxes have the home MDB in Exchange 2010, to confirm it, run this command: Get-Mailbox “mailbox name” | ft Name, DataBase -Auto   The Microsoft Exchange replication service is responsible for the mailbox migration. Sometimes restarting this service can solve the mailbox migration issue.   Please check whether there are any […]