Microsoft Teams remains in “Hang on while we get things set up for you!”

In this article, we will discuss how to solve and troubleshoot Microsoft Teams issues like; Hang on while we get things set up for you! Or How do I fix Microsoft Teams stuck on loading or hang on startup?

It’s frustrating when you have an online meeting and you found these types of issues. Here are a few workarounds you can try to fix this issue:

Firstly, I would like to suggest updating the Microsoft Teams and OS to the latest version. Furthermore, you can also check if the problem persists after signing out and closing all applications which were integrated with Microsoft Teams, such as MS Office, sometimes it happens due to other applications.

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Re-install the Teams Application

Uninstall the app, you can do this from the control panel and then download Microsoft teams again, and then install it.

Follow this article for a step-wise guide on – How to Uninstall and update Microsoft Teams and Windows

Open Microsoft teams again, and then log in to see if the problem still persists.

Try to Clear Microsoft Teams Cache 

You need to close the Microsoft Teams completely.

After that, open File Explorer and paste this: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams

Then you need to delete the contents of the entire folder and re-open Microsoft Teams.

For more details, follow this article 5th point – Clear Microsoft teams Cache Files

Try to Clear the Teams Credentials

Follow the below steps to do this on your device:

Go to the Control Panel and search for “Manage Windows Credential” to open Credential Manager.

Then under the Windows Credential tab, search for all credentials starting with “msteams” and remove them.

Re-open the Microsoft Teams application to check if it resolves or issue still persists.

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I hope you found it helpful. Please let us know in a comment which solution works for you.

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