How to Fix Microsoft Teams Black Screen Issue when Sharing

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Microsoft Teams Screen sharing with monitors shows black screen with mouse,
Or while sharing desktop in chat or meeting only black screen is shared but Mouse cursor is visible,
Teams will only show a blank screen with pointer visible when sharing either desktop.

As a quick workaround, to fix MS Teams black screen Issue, please try rebooting your computer.

If the issue persists check the below solutions, also try uninstalling and reinstalling Teams.

Solutions to fix Microsoft Teams Black Screen Issue

  1. Update MS Teams
  2. Meeting Policy with Entire Screen Sharing Mode
  3. Change the Resolution to Lower
  4. Close All Processes using Task Manager
  5. Update Your Drivers
  6. Change of Graphical Processor
  7. ISP related

Update MS Teams

Updating MS Teams to the latest version fixes most of the issues.

To update Teams client to the latest version. You need to click on your Profile Picture and select Check for updates

Log-out and log back in.

Restart your Teams app.

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Meeting Policy with Entire Screen Sharing Mode

You need to check teams settings in admin center to share in full screen. To do this,

Firstly, Login with Microsoft Teams Admin center : go to Users -> then search for your user account -> and check Meeting policy name assigned to user.

Then go to Meetings -> navigate to Meeting policy -> and then search for the meeting policy which was assigned to user and click on the edit option to view all settings -> then go to Content sharing -> and here check for screen sharing mode is set as “Entire screen”.

Change the Resolution to Lower

As an another  workaround, change your resolution to a lower for screen sharing.

Firstly, go to the Settings, and then select System, after that click on Display.

Now, under the Scale and Layout, click the drop-down menu to select a lower resolution.

Finally, check the results.

Close All Processes using Task Manager

Firstly, close the Teams or you can log out from Teams.

Then open the Task Manager and locate all the Microsoft Teams processes running.

Right-click on each process and then select End task to stop them.

Close the Task Manager and restart Teams again.

Log in back if you logout and then check if the app window is working fine.

Update Your Drivers

Make sure that your graphics drivers are up-to-date.

Open the Device Manager and click on Display Adapters to check the GPU options.

Now, right-click on your GPU and then select Update driver

Restart your system and and launch Teams again and check if the black screen issue is gone or not.

These 2 solutions are suggested in Microsoft communities may help you to fix Microsoft Teams black screen problem

Change of Graphical Processor

Lots of user confirmed that they have solved this issue by changing of graphical processor which is linked with Teams application.

To do this follow the below steps:

Go to Start the type Teams.

Then right click on Teams -> and open the file location

Right Click on Teams Icon -> now Set Graphical processor

ISP Related

Some of user confirmed that changing the QoS setting in MS Teams fixed the problems.

Either you are an admin or you need to ask your tenant admin, to change this:

Go to Teams Admin -> then in Meetings -> under Meeting Settings -> select Network

Turn off -> Insert Quality of Service (QoS) markers for real-time media traffic.


To fix Microsoft Teams black screen problem you can – update MS Teams, check the meeting policy with entire screen sharing Mode or change the resolution to lower. Also, you can close all processes using Task manager and update your drivers.

Let us know which solution works for you in comment. If you found any other solution to fix this issue please share with us.

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