Microsoft Teams Profile Picture and Settings Area Missing

In this article, will discuss issues like; profile is not visible to in teams anymore, but others can see. Also, Teams setting and profile picture area is missing, and user profile picture not updated in teams.

As we all know that Microsoft Teams keeps updating to include more features, due to which interface may change from time to time.

Before proceeding, once check on Teams web client for the same.

Currently, the Settings is listed under the … (More options) button.

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Fix Teams Profile Picture and Settings Area Missing Issue

Check the below some workarounds to fix this issue.

#1. For the missing profile picture, you can wait for some time for the picture to appear, sometimes it takes to reflect.

Else, sign-out and restart Teams and sign-in back.

#2. Fully quit the MS Teams or Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE -> then select Task Manager -> Click on Processes tab -> find Microsoft Teams from the list of running process -> right-click or select and click on End task to fully kill the process. Re-open Teams – hope the icon was back!

#3. Once you close the Microsoft Teams. Clear Teams cache.

Go to File Explorer, and type in


You have to delete all the files in these following folders: Application Cache, Blob_storage, Cache, databases, GPUCache, IndexedDB, Local Storage, tmp

Follow this article (5th solution) for step by step guide to Clear MS Teams Cache.

Once cache cleared, now restart the Microsoft Teams and check if you can see your profile.


Please let us know if this article helps you and resolve your issue. If you have any other solution please share in comment.

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