How to Export disconnected mailbox to PST

In this blog, will discuss how to export disconnected mailbox to PST file. When the Exchange database is disabled or detached is considered as offline EBD file and the information like (emails, contacts, notes, and calendars) stored in disconnected mailboxes becomes inaccessible. To export disconnected mailbox there is an option on the properties of the … Read more

SharePoint 2016: New Features and Limitations

As we know Microsoft SharePoint 2016 has many new features and enhancements. However, there are also some key SharePoint limitations. Features and Enhancements of SharePoint 2016 – Here are significant updates provided in SharePoint 2016: Durable links If you send a document link to someone and the name or location of the file is changed, … Read more

Combine Multiple SharePoint Lists into One List

In this blog will discuss to combine/merge multiple SharePoint list into one using Content and Structure feature. Not sure about what rights and permission you need, but as far as I know you have admin rights, simply go to the each sites and do the following instructions mention below: Click on Site Actions, then click … Read more

Ways to Protect yourself from Ransomware Attack

Ransomware – is a sophisticated piece of malware/virus that blocks the access to his/her files, and the only way to regain access to the files is to pay a ransom. WannaCry – used a vulnerability in Windows that allowed it to infect victims PC’s without them taking any action. Petya Ransomware – Firstly, infecting the … Read more