Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files into a Single PST File

In this blog will describe the manual method by which you can easily merge multiple PST Files into a single one. Generally, we all create multiple PST files and when it comes to manage them is complicated. Sometimes, they lost accidentally and having handling issue. Here we think about to merge them into single PST … Read more

Remove Disconnected/Soft Deleted Mailboxes from Exchange 2010/2013 Database

When moving mailboxes between Exchange databases the move complete with a warning. This is because Exchange server sometimes does not fully delete the mailboxes from the source database immediately upon completion of the move the source mailbox database is switched to a “soft-deleted” state. To resolve this you need to remove the disconnected or soft deleted … Read more

Exchange 2016: A version mismatch error occurred while moving mailboxes

When migrating mailboxes from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016, the following error (A version mismatch) may occur: “A version mismatch was detected (Actual: 6, Expected: 5)” The following message appears in the Exchange 2013 server log: 2017-04-23T20: 37: 21.432Z, 6, Default, Error, “,,”, “Register migration batch failed, at exception Microsoft.Exchange.Migration.MigrationServiceHelper.SafeInvokeImplMethod (Action method, MigrationServiceRpcMethodCode method code) … Read more

How to force all users to change their Active Directory password at next logon

You need to open Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in (DSA.MSC) by selecting Start -> Administrative Tools -> Active Directory Users and Computers, and then locate your desired AD user. Right-click on the account and select Properties. To force the user account to change the password, just tick the “User must change password at next logon” … Read more

Steps to Migrate from File Server to SharePoint

In this blog, we will discuss required steps to conduct successful migration from file shares (file server) to SharePoint. As we know SharePoint is not like the Windows File Server where you can just copy and paste the content to migrate it. Not just a local drive, SharePoint is a next-generation cloud-based storage server that … Read more

SharePoint, File Share and Public Folder Migration to SharePoint Online

In this blog, we will discuss how to migrate file shares, Exchange Public Folders and SharePoint On-premises content, to SharePoint Online Office 365 by providing all of the required steps. As we know, Office 365 SharePoint Online combines the advantages of two platforms—the SharePoint and the Cloud. It has the advanced collaboration features characteristics of … Read more

SharePoint On Premises to SharePoint Online Office 365 Migration

Office 365 SharePoint Online — Microsoft’s Cloud solution provides businesses a way to avoid infrastructure costs related to communication. With it, organizations can have their own Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync online managed by Microsoft. SharePoint 2010 is used by various organizations and many of these organizations are looking forward to upgrade/migrate to the more powerful … Read more

Upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016

In this blog we discuss how to migrate, upgrade from SharePoint server 2010 to SharePoint server 2016 and If you are looking for a way to upgrade SharePoint server 2010 to SharePoint server 2016, then there is no direct upgrade path is available; you will have to upgrade your SharePoint 2010 databases to SharePoint server … Read more

Script Password Expiry Email Notification

Sending custom “password is about to expire” notifications with PowerShell Set yourself in advance how many days users need to be reminded of password expiry see how to notify users via email when their passwords expire – Automate Password Change Notification Through Email