Top 10 IT Security Predictions

Ransomware has not gone away

Companies invested lots of money to protect from ransomware but still fighting. Simply you need to do a regular backup, track everything and run anti-ransomware protection solutions.

IoT – a security time-bomb

IoT is a rapidly growing threat and possibly the biggest threat to businesses in the coming years. It’s becoming like a Trojan horse and it’s not easy to track such breaches even lots of organizations find it challenging to deal with the consequences of such breaches.

GDPR – have most businesses missed the point?

GDPR is a big story in 2018 as it arriving in May 2018. Here is an article to get more information on – Things You Should Know About Governance and Management System for GDPR Compliance

GDPR Blackmail – the new ransomware?

The GDPR coming into effect in May 2018 and we see benefits in the areas of data security. But there is always the Good, Bad and the Ugly side read more here – GDPR – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

DDoS on the rise

Now in just few $ you can able to rent a DDoS attack on the internet, actually you need to pay someone to attack for you! Due to which the DDoS threats will continue to escalate in 2018 an it’s a danger for both small and large organization.

Cloud insecurity – it’s up to you

As more data and applications are moving to the cloud, it has also introduced a lots of new security threats and challenges. Read more here: Top Cloud Security Threats for 2018

The insider threat

Insider threats a primary cause of security incidents in 2017, but still insider threats have been underestimated. Many causes for insider threat but educating employee by involving training and automated testing can reduce such risk.

Time to ditch those simple passwords

Simple passwords are always insecure and easily crack by attackers. It’s always recommended to use complex passwords and regularly change them on timely basis. To make more secure implement multi-factor authentication this is a vastly superior method of access.

Security blossoms in the boardroom

As we see, the Data breach activity was high in throughout 2017. Sadly, we have to face security breaches in 2018 as well and the new security challenges will grab attention in the boardroom. In the coming years will see further commitment from the boardroom to ensure that organizations data are protected.

More from the Shadow Brokers

The Shadow Brokers, a hacker group which stole hacking tools from the American National Security Agency (NSA), created havoc in 2017 with the Wannacry ransomware episode. The group has already stated that it will soon release newer NSA hacking tools, with targets that might include vulnerabilities in Windows 10.