Resolving Microsoft Teams Calendar Shift Issue

In the fast-paced world of digital productivity tools, such as Microsoft Teams, encountering unexpected glitches or shifts in functionality can disrupt workflow and cause frustration. One common issue users report is the sudden disappearance or misalignment of days within the MS Teams calendar. Fortunately, effective solutions are available to address this inconvenience and restore calendar accuracy.

The Quick fix is – in the top right-hand corner change calendar view to work week. When it is set as a week it shifts everything up a day.

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Option 1: Adjusting Calendar View Settings

Should you find yourself facing a situation where days appear to be missing in your MS Teams calendar, following these steps can help rectify the issue:

  1. Access Office 365: Begin by opening Office 365, the platform that houses various Microsoft applications and services.
  2. Navigate to Outlook: Within Office 365, locate and click on the “Outlook” icon, which serves as the entry point to your email and calendar functionalities.
  3. Access Settings: Once in the Outlook interface, direct your attention to the top-right corner and click on “Settings” to access the settings menu.
  4. View All Outlook Settings: Within the settings menu, seek out and click on the option labeled “View all Outlook settings” to delve deeper into configuration options.
  5. Navigate to Calendar Settings: In the comprehensive settings menu, locate and click “Calendar” to access specific calendar-related configurations.
  6. Adjust Calendar View: Within the calendar settings section, find the option labeled “View” and select it to reveal additional display options.
  7. Select Workweek View: Finally, under the “Show workweek as” setting, ensure that all days of the week are selected to accurately reflect the workweek in your calendar view.

By following these meticulous steps, you can effectively realign your MS Teams calendar display and ensure that all days are correctly represented within the workweek view.

Option 2: Upgrading to the New Teams App

Alternatively, if you recently upgraded to a newer version of the Teams application, you may find that the calendar issue resolves itself without the need for manual adjustments. Newer versions of Teams often include bug fixes and performance enhancements that address common issues, such as calendar misalignments.

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In conclusion, encountering discrepancies in your MS Teams calendar need not be a cause for alarm. By implementing the aforementioned solutions, either by adjusting calendar view settings or upgrading to the latest Teams app version, you can swiftly rectify the issue and resume seamless productivity within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

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