How to Edit or Update a Microsoft Teams Chat Title from a (no title)

In this article, we will discuss how to name, update and edit a MS Teams chat titles from “no title”.

If you have just few chats in MS Teams then you can find them easily. But, if you have lots of chat on the go in Teams, then its hard to find and also its time taking checking one by one.

So its important to name your chat, give them a proper title which easily recognize and track able.

Here’s how to Title a Chat in Microsoft Teams

  1. Firstly, Launch MS Teams, then select the chat from your list of chats.
  2. After that click on the Pencil icon very next to the chats participants names.
  3. Finally, add a proper and relevant title to your chat.

In order to find your particular chat from all your chat list, just go to the search bar and type your chat’s title to locate it easily.

Titles not Updating in Teams, let’s see how to Update

After giving a proper name / title to your chat but still its not updated. Sometimes you may seen this issue and mainly this happens due to Teams client caching.

You can resolve this problem by clearing app cache.

For detailed steps to clear the Cache follow the #5 solution on this article – How to Fix Microsoft Teams Start Recording Button Grayed Out

However, sometimes also seen this that title is updated after a few days automatically.

How to Edit MS Teams Chat Title from a (no title)

A quick workaround, do any changes in Teams meeting title, and then click the Send Update button.

You need to Add the ability to edit the meeting title since all of the chat, files, etc. Add yourself.

This will update the Teams meeting’s chat title.

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Hope this article helps you to title a chat, update a title in Teams  and edit a chat title from a no title. Although, for edit a chat title if you found any other solution please let us know in comments.

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