The Rise of Automotive Hacking is an Alarming Trend

Cybersecurity is becoming a fundamental concern for the development of autonomous vehicle (AV) systems, as cyber-attacks can have serious consequences for autonomous electric vehicles and can put human lives at risk.

Nowadays, Autonomous/Modern vehicles come packed with automated software providing seamless connectivity for drivers in cruise control, engine timing, door lock, airbags, and advanced systems for driver assistance. As we all know, automotive vehicles (AV) use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies to communicate, which makes them more prone to cyber-attacks and these attacks vary from physical to long-range digital attacks.

Hacking of motor vehicles has increased in recent years. This is a serious problem for car owners as it can cause them to lose control of their vehicles. Hackers can gain access to vehicle systems in a number of ways, including using diagnostic tools, wireless technology, or even physically gaining access to the vehicle.

Hacking attacks on the automotive industry have increased in recent years due to serious security breaches. Many systems can be hacked, allowing hackers to control a vehicle’s steering and braking, among other things. In this article, you will find tips on how to protect your vehicle.

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How to prevent cyber-attacks on automobiles?  

Follow the best practice to protect your vehicles against hacking. 

Update your Car’s Software 

An outdated software not only contains bugs but is under constant threat of hacking. It’s always recommended to update software, to protect your car from hackers.

Restrict the use of Wireless Systems 

Wireless and remote systems are controlled online so they are vulnerable to cyber-attack as well, so limit their uses.


A strong VPN is always recommended for car users to access the internet safely.

Turn off GPS 

Drivers/Users should keep their GPS off, because it’s a soft spot for hackers, and vehicles are easy to hack using “GPS spoofing.”

Prioritize Security 

Security starts with you, so always updated and focused.

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