Upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016

In this blog we discuss how to migrate, upgrade from SharePoint server 2010 to SharePoint server 2016 and If you are looking for a way to upgrade SharePoint server 2010 to SharePoint server 2016, then there is no direct upgrade path is available; you will have to upgrade your SharePoint 2010 databases to SharePoint server … Read more

Move/Migrate SharePoint list items/documents with metadata and version history

In this blog we discuss how to move/migrate document/files from one location to another whilst preserving its metadata properties and version history. Follow the below methods to move files while maintaining all metadata properties and version history: Method 1: Using Content and Structure to move files with versions and Metadata First select the documents you … Read more

Migrate SharePoint Online to different SharePoint Online Office 365 Tenants

In this blog we discuss how to migrate site content from one Office 365/SharePoint Online to another Office 365/SharePoint Online Tenants using SharePoint features. Migration of SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online using SharePoint features The migration of SharePoint Online site content to another SharePoint Online account can be done using the ‘Save site as template’ … Read more