How to View SharePoint Online Audit Log Reports

In this blog will see how to view SharePoint online audit log reports to better manage and secure office 365 SharePoint online.

Before you can access the reports, you have to enable the audit log in SharePoint online.

To enable Audit Log Reporting

Follow the steps mention in this article – How to Enable SharePoint Online Audit Log Reporting.

To Access Audit Logs

Simply click on Security & Compliance tile from the Office 365 App Launcher

Else, go to the following URL:

To access Audit Logs, navigate to Audit log search, under Search & investigation. You can also click on View Reports under it, gets you to the same thing.

To run an audit log report.

You have to choose the Activities (criteria), Start and End dates for your search, type in the user name and hit Search.

However, to search through the audit log on SharePoint Online, you can filter a number of different activities from the Activities dropdown menu. Here, you can search and track for permissions, mailbox activities, file deletions, and even user activity in Microsoft Teams and Power BI.

After that you will get the search result in the right hand side.

After search result also you can easily export data to Excel, so you can review it further and organize it or just archive for your records.

Also you can set up custom alerts through which you will receive instant notifications when someone performs an action you have set up an alert for.