How to Export disconnected mailbox to PST

In this blog, will discuss how to export disconnected mailbox to PST file. When the Exchange database is disabled or detached is considered as offline EBD file and the information like (emails, contacts, notes, and calendars) stored in disconnected mailboxes becomes inaccessible.

To export disconnected mailbox there is an option on the properties of the exchange database to preserve their mailboxes until a full backup has occurred, but the export-mailbox requires an attached account.  You can make a test account if necessary, then delete when done.

Follow the below steps to export disconnected mailbox to PST file:

  • First, create a Temp User Account
  • Then connect the Disconnected or Inactive Mailboxes to Temp User
  • After that Run “Export-mailbox” command to extract data from reconnected mailboxes
  • After data exporting disable all reconnected mailboxes

This is an indirect or say manual method to export PST file from EDB disconnected mailbox, for the extraction of emails, saved calendars, journals, contacts, lists and other personal data folders stored in disables users accounts.

Another option is to try third party tools for EDB to PST converter, there are lots of tools out there you can Google them and check to export disconnected mailbox to PST. They are more efficient in case while inactive mailboxes are corrupted.