Convert DBX to PST Format – Migrate Outlook Express to MS Outlook

DBX – Database file for Outlook Express. Used to stores, mailbox data like emails/messages, address book, tasks and calendar in Microsoft Windows XP.

You can open DBX file in the Outlook Express otherwise, you need to convert it to PST format.

DBX to PST Conversion Process

Firstly, you need to have DBX file and then download Windows Live Mail. After that following process will follow:

  • First, Export Outlook Express files then download and configure Windows Live Mail
  • Second, Import files in Windows Live Mail
  • Third, Export the Windows Live Mail files to MS Outlook.

Steps to Convert DBX to PST Manually

  1. Find folder inside the Windows XP which named Outlook Express.The default path:C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{identity number}\Microsoft\Outlook Express.
  1. Then you need to copy Outlook Express folder from Windows XP to your currently using Windows 7, 8 or 10.
  1. Then launch Windows Live Mail application. After that start Windows Live Mail application and then go to -> File and select -> Import messages.
  1. Then you can see Live Mail Import window to select the file format to import, choose -> Microsoft Outlook Express 6 ->  and click Next.
  1. Now you need to click on Browse and go to the location where DBX folders are stored which we have copied from Windows XP to currently using Windows. Then click Next.
  1. Here you can define what you want to export, either All folders or particular folders. Then click Next to start importing.

This will take few minutes and once the process completed, you will receive “Import Complete“ message.

Now Export Emails to MS Outlook

In this process, we export emails to Microsoft Outlook by using Windows Live Mail’s Export feature. To do this follow below steps:

  1. Again on Windows Live Mail main menu, click File tab > Export email > Email messages.
  1. Then you can see the Export window. Here you need to select Microsoft Exchange in the options, and then click Next.
  1. After this, you will see this message: “This will export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange”. You have to click OK to confirm the action.
  1. Again you have to select the mailbox folders which you want to export to Microsoft Outlook. You have an option to select All folders or particular folders. After selection click OK to start exporting email to MS Outlook.

This will take few minutes and once the process completed, you will receive “Export Complete“ message.

After the completion of above process you can open up an Outlook application and you will see the Outlook Express files in PST format. Hoping that you have successfully converted Outlook Express files to MS Outlook format.