How to Solve – DcGetDcName(TIME_SERVER) call failed, error 1355

There can be two reason for this either Sysvol/Netlogon is missing or windows time service is not started.

Quick resolution is changing time server:

Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and configure the following registry entries:


How to configure an authoritative time server in Windows Server:

This happens due to underlying communication problem between the restored DC and the other DCs. This is causing your SYSVOL replication failure. Until FRS can successfully replicate at once it will hide all the SYSVOL files in the folder NtFrs_PreExisting___See_EventLog. FRS will move the files back to their original locations only when it can successfully cross-replicate with another domain controller. But until at least one such successful replication occurs, all the files in SYSVOL will remain hidden in the PreExisting folder. This means that the SYSVOL will appear to be empty and Group Policy will fail.

Since DcGetDcName is failing, it indicates a problem with name resolution. Incorrect configuration of DNS is the #1 cause of problems with Active Directory. If DNS is configured incorrectly, domain controllers will not be able to locate each other for replication.

You need to troubleshoot DNS. On GC inspect file C:\Windows\System32\config\netlogon.dns with NOTEPAD.EXE. Make sure that all of the A and SRV records listed therein exist on in DNS and can be queried from the misbehaving DC. The SRV records identify the name of the GC and the A records map the name to an IP address.

Use DNSLINT to diagnose DNS errors.
Type the command

dnslint /ad /s /v

Where is the IP address of the DNS server. Run nslookup and verify that it connects to the same DNS server. Check your DNS client settings to make sure it is pointing at the right one.

Check the event log for error messages for additional clues. Check all logs (Administrative, DNS, Directory Services, etc).


Verify that this server is a global catalog, run
repadmin /options

You should see at least “Current Options: IS_GC”

Verify that your old DC’s have been removed.

You can check that too by doing a metadata cleanup.