Infographic – Top 10 Benefits of SharePoint Online


In this blog post we highlight some of the advantages that you should consider when evaluating SharePoint Online.

Office 365, SharePoint Online has everything that is required to make your employees engaged, organized & productive with cost-effective and seamless experience along with apparent cloud benefits. Here you go..

  1. Managing external user access is much easier
  2. Kill off that network share with OneDrive for Business
  3. Get New SharePoint Features and Updates First!
  4. Access SharePoint Online anywhere
  5. Easily scale your farm up and down
  6. Reliability
  7. Turn CAPEX into OPEX
  8. Security
  9. Free up IT staff – No More Maintenance!
  10. Compliance

Here is an Infographic showcasing ten SharePoint Online benefits:


If you have SharePoint on premises and you are looking to upgrade, I highly recommend taking a close look at SharePoint Online and Office 365!