Solutions to Fix Outlook Error 0x80040115

Generally, the Outlook error 0x80040115 occurs due to over sized .PST files or when trying to send receive email in outlook.

Now will talk about causes and how to fix Outlook Error 0x80040115.

Causes of the Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80040115

Corrupt Outlook Installation
Oversize PST file/Corrupt PST file
Network Problem/Internet Connection
Email Server/Third-Party add-ins Issue

Check below for multiple solutions to fix Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80040115

Method 1. Clear DNS

Open “Command Prompt” and select “Run as Administrator”

Type the following command: ipconfig/flushdns

Check if it resolve your issue.

Method 2. Open Outlook in Safe Mode

This step help you to diagnose this issue if it because of third-party add-ins or some other features.

Open “Run”
Type – “Outlook /safe”
Hit “Enter”
Once open check if you can send email. If you can then may be issue due to Third-party add-ins and you have to remove them.

Method 3: Change Profile Settings

Check if this process fix your issue. Follow the below steps:

Start – > Control Panel -> Mail -> Select “Show Profile” -> Now select your profile and click on “Properties” -> select “Email Account” -> then click on “Change” (by selecting Exchange Server if you have otherwise simply click on change).

Now pop-up appears with your username and server, here click on “More Settings”.

Switch to “Security” tab and tick the “Encrypt data between Outlook and Microsoft Exchange” box.
Click “Ok”

Method 4. Disable Anti-virus

Sometimes Outlook Error 0x80040115 occurs due to some antivirus restrictions. As a workaround, try to disable antivirus and check if issue persist.

Method 5. Repair Outlook Installation

Follow the below steps to do this:

Control panel or Settings -> Add or Remove Programs

Choose “Office installation”or directly “Outlook”

After that choose“Change” Modify” or “Repair”appears in right side.

Select “Quick Repair”then “Online Repair”option.

Check if this fix this issue.

Method 6. ScanPST.exe to Repair

ScanPST.exe is a free tool available from Microsoft.
Download -> ScanPST.exe utility

Browse the file then click on -> Start

After that select -> Repair (once it scan the file)

Restart system and check if this fix Outlook Error 0x80040115.