How to Recover Deleted Items in Outlook

In this blog we see how to recover deleted important item which is accidentally deleted such as mail, contact or calendar by using built-in MS outlook tools.

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Restore from Deleted Items

Step1: You have to open your Deleted Items folder in Outlook.

Step 2: If the emails are in your Deleted Items, then you can drag and drop them into your Inbox.

How simply you can restore them.

However, if the items do not appear in your Deleted Items, then there is still a chance that the items are recoverable.

Step 1: First, click on the Folder tab at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Then within the Folder tab menu, click Recover Deleted Items.

Step 3: After that the Recover Deleted Items screen will generate, within which you have the option to Recover selected Item, illustrated by an envelope with a blue arrow. Here you have to highlight the item you want to recover and click the Recover Selected Item button.

Step 4: Now the selected item will now be back in your Inbox or contact list.

Hope the above steps help you to recover Deleted Items in Outlook