How to Fix “http 500 error” EAC/OWA Exchange Server

In this article will check the different methods to resolve Exchange admin center http 500 internal server error quickly.

Search a lot and ends up with several possible solutions to fix this issue.

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Check the below methods to troubleshoot “Error 500” and resolve this issue:

Method 1:

A quick workaround, to fix this issue, remove the computer object from the restricted group.
Check the below groups which denied the ms-Exch-EPI-Token-Serialization user right:

  • Domain Admins
  • Schema Admins
  • Enterprise Admins
  • Organization Management

Then restart the system that has the Exchange Server role assigned.

Method 2:

ADSI settings.
As we know editing ADSI data is risky. So before doing this method please take a system state backup.

Method 3:

Make sure to use correct name for ECP virtual directories and configure virtual directories correctly.

The default URLs contains the FQDN of the server. For example; if your server name is “” then the default URL for OWA will be ““.

You can use the below command to modify, if you find it is incorrect:

Set-ECPVirtualDirectory -InternalURL < InternalUrl> -ExternalURL < ExternalUrl >

Method 4:

If the above option didn’t work then recreate ECP virtual directory:

Remove-EcpVirtualDirectory -Identity "ServerName\ecp (Default Web site)"

New-EcpVirtualDirectory -Server -InternalURL < InternalUrl> -ExternalURL < ExternalUrl >


Method 5:

Ensure all Exchange services are running.

Especially the MSExchangeADTopology and MSExchangeIS services.

Method 6:

Make sure all the Exchange server components working fine:

Get-ServerComponentstate -Identity “servername”

If you find it Inactive, then run the below command to active relevant component:

Set-ServerComponentState -Component “component name” -Requester HealthAPI -State Active

Method 7:

Ensure that MSExchangeECPAppPool is running and check the physical path; for example check the below image for configuration:

Method 8:

Check the Binding and Path for Default Web Site and Exchange Back End site.

For example check the below image:

Method 9:

Some people find their solution by:

  1. Reinstalling:
    Setup /Mode:upgrade /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms
  2. Upgrade Net Framework
  3. Works when login to ECP link in this form https:// servername/ecp? ExchClientVer=15