Message Trace in Exchange Online Office 365

In Office 365, permissions are required to trace messages like; – Security Admin – Security Reader – View-Only Recipients – Compliance Admin – Data Loss Prevention By default, role group Organization Management has all of the required permissions. There are TWO Methods to track messages in Office 365 – PowerShell and EAC. Office 365 message … Read more

Using CMD & PowerShell to Find Last Boot Time Remotely

Here is a simple and short command that will help you tell the last boot time. CMD: SystemInfo /S $Server | find /i “Boot Time” Powershell Script: $Server = Read-Host -Prompt ‘Input the server name’ SystemInfo /S $Server | find /i “Boot Time” > C:\Users\$env:username\Desktop\Last_Boot-$Server.txt The above Powershell script will pop up and prompt you … Read more