List of data breaches and cyber-attacks that’s Scarier than Halloween!

In this blog, we list few top stories of data breaches and cyber-attacks that’s Scarier than Halloween! Equifax, which is one of the largest reported corporate data breaches in this month. Not this but there were lots of other data breaches and cyber-attacks in list like; Deloitte, Nunavut’s, etc.. million’s of records leaked in few months. … Read more

User Login History, Statistics and Activity Reports in the Office 365

In this blog will discuss how to see the user login history and activity in Office 365. The Office 365 user’s login history can be searched through Office 365 Security & Compliance Center. In the left pane, click Search & investigation, and then click Audit log search. Proceed with this link: Here’s the process for searching the … Read more

How to List all users and date of last Password Change in Office 365

  The best and the easiest way to find out when the users last changed their passwords in Office 365 is using PowerShell. First you will need to connect Windows Azure Active Directory using PowerShell and then run below cmdlet: PS C:\> Get-MsolUser -All | select DisplayName, LastPasswordChangeTimeStamp To export this data in CSV file use the … Read more